Gov. Kasich Campaigns With Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine In Columbus

Source: Kirk Irwin / Getty

Last Night Gov DeWine provided more details on the stay-at-home order. People are asking will they be arrested.

DeWine said that he had a conference call with sheriff’s offices around the state Sunday night, and will have a conference call Monday night with chiefs of police to discuss his suggestions for how local agencies enforce this order.

“We don’t want a lot of arrests or citations,” DeWine said, but explained that this order can be enforced by local health departments and law enforcement., but at this time, not the Ohio National Guard.

If there is a violation, DeWine said he hopes the officers and deputies will talk to whomever is involved, first give them a warning, and then decide from there how to react. But violations of the order could lead to citations, DeWine said

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