via BlackDoctor:

In an effort to minimize your fears and allow you to save money wherever possible, here is a list of items one would need to survive an extended amount of time in quarantine.

But before you start shopping, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Do not hoard and buy up everything. Remember that there’s no need to buy out the stock at your local grocery store. Right now there’s no indication that food retailers will be unable to meet the demand of consumers. The only struggle retailers are reporting is having the staff to physically restock the shelves. So relax.
  • When shopping, try to wipe down the shopping cart with cleaning wipes or hand sanitizer. Many stores are making this available now more than ever, so if you don’t see some by your store, ask someone who works there for something to wipe it down.
  • Think about shopping at off-peak times. If you’re working from home, your schedule is likely a bit more flexible.
  • Make a shopping list of what you need. How many times do you find yourself mindlessly wandering around looking for something? Making a full list will help limit the time you’re in the store.
  • What meals will last? What meals make good leftovers?

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