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As Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter are around the corner, it’s time to discover some of the new worship songs to bring to our own personal worship and the church’s praises.  Here’s our favorite 7 new worship songs to adorn our Easter worship with fresh vocabulary and new tunes to exalt our risen Savior.

7. “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death” by Matt Papa, Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty

This is applied theology at its best. You can always trust the folks at Getty music to take a lofty doctrine like Christ’s resurrection and apply it to the life’s meanin, how we understand trials, how we should understand death and eternity, and more.

6. “It is Finished/Surrounded” by Passion featuring Melodie Malone

Those looking for a dramatic reading of the Lord’s passion and resurrection, may want to consider “It is Finished/Connected.” Melodie Malone’s re-telling is measured, powerful and earth-shattering. And to cap it off with a powerful rendition of UPPERROOM’S “Surrounded” makes this a “wow” experience.

5. “King of Kings” by Hillsong Worship

“King of Kings” is one of those songs that can be used for Christmas season, Easter, and for that matter, any Sunday.  No song captures the full work of Christ from birth to glorification with such clarity; and no song can rope in the three God-heads without sounding like there’s a theology overload.

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