1. Hundreds Traveled To Demand Continued Justice For Ahmaud Arbery

What You Need To Know:

Hundreds of protesters drove to the Brunswick, Georgia area Saturday and rallied with hundreds of others at the Glynn County Courthouse to seek justice in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

2. Do The Right Thing, Joe: Bet On Black… Women

What You Need To Know:

Citing the backbone that Black women have provided to the Democratic Party, a group of Black women is calling on Joe Biden to select one of their own as his running mate.

3. Coronavirus Update: Economy or Public Health? Reopening States During the Pandemic Has Polarized Us

What You Need To Know: 

As the U.S. experiences increases in the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths, leaders remain divided on how to define and implement the way business and life should be conducted going forward.

4. Why Do NFL Owners Have To Be Bribed To Level the Playing Field?

What You Need To Know:

Seventeen years after adopting the Rooney Rule, the National Football League is trying to level the playing field.

5. President Obama Kept It Real In Online Graduation Speech

What You Need To Know:

President Barack Obama’s commencement address capped off a viral celebration of the 27,000 graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities during Saturday’s “Show Me Your Walk-HBCU Edition,” streamed on several media platforms.

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