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What was supposed to have been a local non-violent protest in honor of a man killed by police officers in Minneapolis, would eventually reverse course like those in other cities across the U.S.

The “I Can’t Breathe” Justice for George Floyd demonstration on May 30 was put together by Black Lives Matter Cleveland.

Floyd lost his life while in police custody, with one officer kneeling on his neck.  That officer, Derek Chauvin, had been arrested on May 29.  He is now charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Three other Minneapolis police officers in connection with Floyd’s death were also fired along with Chauvin.

Soon, the outrage of his death inspired protests all over the country, including the one in Cleveland.

After initially starting the protest at the Free Stamp in Downtown Cleveland, it would gradually go from peaceful to violent, despite calls to keep the march non-violent.

Despite chants of “No justice, no peace,” I can’t breathe,” and “black lives matter,” there were still acts of destruction with city property and business damaged, and Cleveland Police officers hit with items.

Large crowds continued to proceed through the Downtown area with police on deck, even to a point where they had to break up the groups.

From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland:

Officers are in riot gear and have used tear gas, according to our crew at the event.

Police say many people near the Justice Center continue to be disorderly, while many individuals also continue to demonstrate lawfully.

Two Cleveland police vehicles were set on fire with firefighters responding on Lakeside near W. 3rd, and access to Downtown has been closed off.

The demonstration in Cleveland was one of three in Ohio, along with Columbus and Akron.

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