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It appears that Ohio is continuing to open back up a lot of the activities that had either been closed since March or had not been open quite yet.

Gov. Mike DeWine has announced that a good portion of entertainment and recreational facilities in the state are going to start opening back up on June 10.

Here is a list of what is reopening, according to Gov. DeWine on Twitter:

The reinstating of these popular enterprises in the state are going to boost the economy, while giving those who had been stuck at their homes more options to occupy their days.

What will now be in place are some new safety mandates, guidelines and rules with the COVID-19 pandemic still at large in Ohio, and across the U.S.

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

Some of the mandatory guidelines required for entertainment venues and facilities to reopen include employees wearing masks or face coverings, ensuring six feet of social distancing between customers when possible, specifying hours for at-risk populations, establishing a maximum capacity, sanitizing high contact surfaces hourly and staggering the entry of guests into the facilities.

Entertainment businesses that offer sports activities will also follow guidelines for general non-contact sports issued by the state.

To see a full report on the mandates, guidelines, and rules regarding these businesses and others, click here.

For those expecting to see amusement parks in this list, you will be disappointed.  There was no mention of Cedar Point and Kings Island anywhere, along with any of the outdoor water parks.

No word as to when those places will open up this year, if they are even going to.


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