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Even though the killing of George Floyd on video awakened the eyes of more than just people of color, unfortunately the outcry for change that has been protested across the world, has not been enough to open all peoples eyes.

23 year old Brandon Brackins, a Cleveland native who is now living in southern Ohio working for FedEx, is trying to be an upholding citizen that believes all lives matter.  Brandon was preparing to deliver to a customer when a man pulled up along side of him, while he was getting his packages to delver out of his vehicle, and yelled n*gger then proceeded to spit on him before racing away.

Brandon Brackins in an effort to calm himself down and totally outdone by the ignorance of some accosting him that way and for what, just doing his job, took to his Facebook Live to tell his story and virally the masses held him up the young man up.

Take a listen to Brandon Brackins tell his own story below.

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