Vanity License Plate - Ohio

Source: Joe Sohm/Visions of America / Getty

Tell the truth and shame the devil…how many of you hate your front license plate on the front of your ride?  How many of you have a cute little vanity plate reppin your sorority, or for my fellas either your Greek affiliation or that plate that let’s the world know what engine is under that hood?  Or how about you just don’t want nothing on the front of you whipps?  Have you got pulled over for it then received a hefty ticket?  If you did, you will be happy to hear that those days are gonna be over in the Buckeye State.

♫ Wake up, Wake up, Wake up this first of the month, your front license plate can be gone ♫

On July 1, Ohio will say goodbye to the front license plate on most vehicles. Read More

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