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1. All Progressive Democrats Not Boarding Biden Bus

What You Need To Know:

As many are anxiously awaiting the announcement from Joe Biden about his female running mate, a number of more progressive Democratic women are keeping their distance from the presumptive presidential candidate.

2. Black Women Are Running for U.S. Congress in Record Numbers

What You Need To Know:

In the last two to three years, the power of Black women in politics has never been more apparent. From Capitol Hill in the nation’s capital to the voting booths in Alabama, Black women are wielding a special power that is changing the political landscape in ways that will be felt for generations to come.

3. Coronavirus Update: Pandemic Relief Aid Still in Limbo As Lawmakers Battle

What You Need To Know:

On Wednesday, lawmakers on Capitol Hill and the White House continued, seemingly unsuccessfully, to hammer out a plan for aid relief for Americans struggling to stay afloat as coronavirus case numbers climb nationwide.

4. Black Lives Matter Vs. The Trump Administration

What You Need To Know:

After filing a lawsuit last month against the Trump administration for actions in Washington, D.C., Black Lives Matter sued the administration this week for actions in Portland.

5. The $13 Billion Mannequin Industry Gets A Socially Distanced Boost

What You Need To Know:

Mannequins are not just vehicles for the fashion industry to showcase their creations; they communicate more than we might think about attitudes and encourage onlookers to imaginatively identify with what they see.

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