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racist Orlando 'Karen'

Source: @davenewworld_ / Instagram

Another video has gone viral showing the angry tirade of a “Karen.”

The clip seems to have originally surfaced on the Twitter account @Blac1st and it also made its way to Reddit and Instagram by Monday night. The video shows a white woman racially harassing a landscaping crew, which appeared to be made up of two Black guys with dreadlocks, one white guy and another man who was recording the video. The white woman repeatedly curses at the Black guys, in particular, calling them “b*tches” and using the N-word against them.

The beginning of the video shows the “Karen” repeatedly shouting “come on you f-cking b-tch” at the landscaping crew from a distance, to which one of the Black landscapers replied, “have a blessed day.” Eventually, the woman moves closer to the landscapers on the sidewalk, causing one of the Black guys to yell towards a man outside a house nearby: “Aye, can you get this lady?!”

The two Black guys begin to back away from the woman with one of them saying, “don’t touch me.” After yelling, “yeah, you f*cking b*tch” for what seems like forever, the woman takes things to a new level by yelling, “F*ck you, you f*cking ni**er b*tch!” She then continues to yell “ni**er b*tch” at the two Black guys multiple times, even getting so heated as to scream it while leaning on her knees with her hands.

The landscaping crew, clearly flabbergasted by the whole ordeal, continue to back away from the racist lady while loading up their truck. Finally, one of them asks, “are we good to go?”

The woman continues to yell slurs as the crew packs up their equipment and prepares to leave. Soon, a middle-aged white man from a house nearby approaches the woman, supposedly trying to deescalate the situation.

“Who are you?” she yells at him. “Are you f*cking with me? Are you f*cking with me?”

The man responds to the woman that she’s disturbing people, and she replies, “am I disturbing you, you fucking b*tch?”

It’s not clear what events preceded the video, causing the newly viral “Karen” to get so heated. The situation appears to have taken place in Florida, considering the landscaping crew’s truck has a Florida license plate. Instagram user @davenewworld_, who describes himself as a freelance reporter, said the incident took place in Orlando.

This is America.


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