Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine Attends Election Night In Columbus

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There is now a call for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to be impeached for how he handled the coronavirus pandemic, and it is coming from someone one of the members of the Ohio Representatives.

Rep. John Becker, who comes from Clermont County, has declared on Aug. 24 that he prepared an outline of ten articles calling for Gov. DeWine to be arraigned due what the state’s House of Represenatives’ site says is an abuse of Ohio and the United States’ Constitutions, along with the state’s Revised Code.

From WKYC 3News Cleveland:

DeWine is accused of meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election and arbitrarily closing certain businesses while allowing others to remain open.

The article says DeWine’s statewide mask mandate is making Ohio a hostile work environment, while extending the mandate to places of worship forces citizens “to choose between worshipping their God and worshipping at the altar of unbridled government.”

Rep. Becker says that residents in the state “find the mask mandate offensive, degrading, humiliating and insulting” while also being disapproval over having the mandate including children attending school.

To read Rep. Becker’s statement and the articles of impeachment, click here.

Another Ohio Representative, Nino Vitale of Urbana, is giving his blessing in the impeachment idea on one of his social media pages.  Rep. Vitale has been more than a critic of the governor, even going as far as calling him a “dictator.”  He has also called for the governor to be “charged and tried for crimes against humanity, in my opinion.”

Rep. Becker is seeking 98 of his aides in the House to back him in trying to impeach Gov. DeWine.  A “majority” of lawmakers would have to support the article, with two-thirds of the state’s Senate voting to “convict” DeWine.

Ohio House Democrats later responded to the House Republicans, criticizing them for continuing “to fight one another over political power.”

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