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The New York chapter of the Council For American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is hosting their annual banquet and fundraiser this Saturday, May 9th at Vanderbilt Hall of the NYU Law School. If you are in the New York City area this weekend, try to check it out!

The keynote speaker, Hatem Bazian, is actually a distinguished Palestinian-American scholar whose work focuses on a topic that has been of immediate relevancy since the late 60s: relations between Israel and Palestine. He was born in the West Bank, amid the conflict, and has been celebrated for his unique approach to scholarship: he is often referred to as an organic intellectual, relating his work more directly the people that it involves rather than speculation alone.

While there is some level of controversy surrounding him, as is expected when your focused research is about such a controversial topic, and he has been referred to as an anti-Semite, this makes it even more interesting to be in his presence to hear his thoughts on the subject.

The other talent that will be featured goes far to showcase the multi-talented and diverse community of professionals that makes up the American-Muslim constituency in this country. Comedian Aron Kader and spoken word artist, Gaith Adhami, will also be in attendance.

Get your tickets now and support minority community efforts in the Metropolitan area! Check the flyer for more info.


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