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*African American women tend not to fall victim to breast cancer as frequently as white women. However, when a Black woman does get breast cancer, it tends to much more aggressive (deadly) than that experienced by white women. Now, researchers think they know why.

During a presentation at last week’s Third AACR Conference on the Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Miami, it was revealed that Black women had significantly lower vitamin D levels than white women, and vitamin D deficiency was associated with a greater likelihood for aggressive breast cancer. The research effort was headed by Susan Steck – associate professor of epidemiology at the University of South Carolina.

The primary source of vitamin D is sunshine which is why it is frequently referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” The study strongly suggests that African American women can reduce their chances of getting aggressive breast cancer by simply getting additional sunshine throughout their lives. The South Carolina study found that 60 percent of Black women were vitamin D deficient compared to just 15 per cent of white women. (Journal & Times)

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