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Last  week, Mo’Nique appeared on The Breakfast Club  and The View to discuss her Netflix boycott. Both interviews were intense, but Mo’Nique’s talk with  Charlamagne from The Breakfast Club was downright vicious — she compared him to a slave master allowing his wife to be raped by the master. She also continued her harsh comments of Will Packer, who she worked with on 2016’s Almost Christmas (Packer was the producer), accusing him of not paying her enough.

Previously, the Oscar winner described Packer as someone who walked her onto the slave ship. On The Breakfast Club, she compared Packer to accused rapist Harvey Weinstein. Co-host Angela Yee said that Packer said she was difficult to work with and she hasn’t heard anyone “say anything negative about” Packer. Mo’Nique’s logic? Other people are silenced in the way that Weinstein’s victims were silenced, saying, ”You know the guy, Harvey Weinstein? He was able to do that for how many years? Do you think this is a unique situation? Do you think people are fearful to speak out when they’re mistreated?”

Charlamagne interjected, “There’s a difference between mistreatment and sexual assault. Mo’Nique. You can’t put out false equivalencies about people.”

Of course, her husband Sidney Hicks chimed in, “Wait a minute, Charlemagne, you’re absolutely right, but mistreatment is mistreatment.” Charlamagne added, “You can’t paint Will with the same brush as Harvey Weinstein.”

Watch the exchange below:

Packer responded and gave the best answer ever. He refuses to insult her.

Packer is certainly taking the high road because Mo’Nique has taken the low one when it comes to  Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, Sheryl Underwood, Kym Whitley and so many others.


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