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23 year old Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., was arriving home from a dentist appointment when a Franklin County Sheriffs Deputy shot him in the back killing him, while Goodson Jr, had only a Subway sandwich in his hand.  Now his family, friends, community and Attorney Benjamin Crump wants to know what happened.

According to authorities while they were dealing with another matter they observed Casey Goodson Jr driving down the street waving a gun out the window.  According to Goodson Jr.’s family members that witnessed the incident first hand Goodson Jr. wasn’t carrying anything more than a Subway sandwich, his keys, and a mask when he was shot opening the door to his home.  And according to activist in the community the authorities story doesn’t match up with the witnesses stories or the evidence.  Hence why Attorney Crump is now on the scene demanding justice for Casey.

Jason Meade a 17 year veteran of the department, was named as the officer that shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr.

In a statement from Franklin County Sheriff’s Office:

“At this time, Deputy Meade is not on duty and is awaiting interview by the Columbus Division of Police Critical Incident and Response Team, which is investigating the incident,”

See Attorney Ben Crumps post below and video below

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