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1. GOP Holding Collective Breath as Trump Demands More COVID Relief

What You Need To Know:

While Donald Trump has not confirmed that he’ll veto the latest coronavirus stimulus bill, his current holding pattern could be making Republicans nervous. But Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), is there for it.

2. ‘Living Single’ Star Kim Fields Turns Love of Coffee into Business Opportunity

What You Need To Know:

Actress Kim Fields has had a successful career on the screen for decades. Now, she’s trying her hand in entrepreneurship as the founder of her own full-service coffee roasting and distribution company, Signature Blends by KF.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Mutation of Covid-19 Discovered in Europe May Now Be in U.S.

What You Need To Know:

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says he believes it’s “certainly possible” that the new variant of coronavirus in the UK is already in the U.S. Fauci’s comments were followed by a report by researchers of the new UK strain of the coronavirus.

4. Amazon Under Fire Again For Selling Item With Racist Description

What You Need To Know:

Amazon is under fire for a racist description on one of its products. The description for a Black doll with locks read, “Adorable Black Doll with Casual Red Skirt and Colored Dirty Braid Fashion”.

5. Why Taxes Continue To Be A Sunken Place For African Americans?


What You Need To Know:

Let’s face it, preparing your taxes can be difficult if not an arduous process, and for several years now the IRS has advocated for a free filing system to make it easier for Americans to complete their taxes.


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