Juneteenth twerking on Oakland ambulance video

Yes, really. | Source: Twitter

Gun violence is a major problem in the U.S. This much has been established time and time again.

But another scourge on society seems to be the apparent increasing desensitized reactions to that gun violence, as exemplified in a new viral video showing a large group of young people twerking and otherwise partying it up next to and on top of multiple emergency vehicles that were reportedly responding to a deadly shooting this past weekend in Northern California.

While the full details were not immediately available, the video — purportedly showing “Juneteenth celebrations” in Oakland that left “1 dead and 5 injured.” The tweet that posted the video doesn’t provide any other details, but CBS San Francisco reported that a mass shooting near Oakland’s Lake Merritt killed at least one person and injured at least six others on Saturday night.

Juneteenth twerking on Oakland ambulance video

A twerkfest broke out next to an ambulance responding to an emergency. | Source: Twitter

Whether the video from the tweet in question was from the shooting near Lake Merritt or elsewhere, the footage is disturbing as emergency medical personnel can be seen wheeling apparent victims on gurneys toward ambulances as throngs of revelers dance — twerk, to be specific — on top and on the side of them.

One man is even shown standing on top of an ambulance tossing around a football and dozens of onlookers cheer on him and the people twerking.

An ambulance in the video shows that it is part of a fleet belonging to Alameda County Emergency Medical Services. Oakland is in Alameda County.

Watch the unfortunate video below.

CNN reported that there were at least 10 mass shootings in the U.S. over this past weekend, which was largely devoted to celebrating Juneteenth after the annual commemoration of slavery officially ending officially became the 12th national holiday when President Joe Biden signed it into law last week.

At least seven people were killed and at least 40 others were injured in the weekend’s mass shootings.

In particular, mass shootings in Oakland have recently been on the rise, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Saturday night’s shooting near Lake Merritt was the city’s sixth mass shooting of the year, which is more than all of 2020.

Juneteenth twerking on Oakland ambulance video

A man dances while tossing a football from the top of an ambulance responding to an emergency as onlookers laugh. | Source: Twitter

Even more alarming, nearly halfway through this year, there have already been more than 280 mass shootings. That’s about 40% more than at this time last year and about 65% more than 2019.

It is in that context that the video of people twerking as EMTs attended to people in medical distress went viral.

Yet, despite the rising, alarming death toll as mass shootings become the norm and not the exception, Americans have appeared to be largely numb to the carnage.

This is America.


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