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The trending way to shop these days are online and the pandemic made online shopping almost the go to first way to pickup an item you have been looking for, everything from nail polish to House.  Also with the pandemic came the alternative to going to a yard sale, Facebook Market, where once again on this shopping platform you can seek out one mans trash to be your treasure or instead of looking in someone’s front yard for a car you can find one on Facebook Market place.  Once people make a purchase you would think that you find a safe mutual place to make a transaction and have someone with you incase something goes wrong?  But everything isn’t fool proof and for a woman from new Columbus making a purchase almost cost her and her back up their life.

Akron police said two Coshoctan, Ohio women drove up Wednesday to buy a Dodge Charger from a person they met on Facebook, but what happened instead was one woman was robbed of her wallet while her friend that came with her for the ride ended up being shot.  Read More

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