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Kanye and Drake fans rejoiced upon seeing the two rappers finally squash their longtime hip-hop beef at Dave Chappelle’s comedy tour in Toronto this week.

According to Page Six, Drake’s promoter, J. Prince, apparently orchestrated the long-awaited reunion and encouraged the two to make amends. However now, it appears as though the rap titans are joining forces for an even bigger cause. Prince announced via Twitter that the artists would be performing alongside one another at a forthcoming concert in support of the infamous Larry Hoover’s release on Dec. 9. 

The Chicago gang leader is currently serving six life sentences for his alleged involvement in a gang-affiliated murder stemming from 1973.  Larry was sentenced to 200 years in prison, but it seems as though popular opinion around his case is changing now. His family is now urging Colorado’s ADX Florence prison facility to release the former Gangster Disciples leader citing that he has served enough time for the alleged crime.

While in prison, Hoover has denounced violence among his followers. He also made education mandatory for all members and demanded they go to school, learn trades and develop skills in order to become stronger in society.

Kanye has spoken openly about his support for the 70-year-old in the past.  In a song called “Free My Father” off the Chicago native’s Donda, Hoover’s son Larry Jr. can be heard saying “Free my father, Mr. Larry Hoover Sr.”  The Chicago Sun-Times noted that Kanye even met with former President Donald Trump in 2018 to commute Larry’s lifetime sentence.

During a recent appearance on The Drinks Champs podcast, the Grammy-award-winning rapper revealed what truly inspired him to support Hoover’s case. “Having economic and political freedom,” Ye told the show’s hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. “I got involved cause all my n***as is GD,” seemingly implying that he has friends who are a part of Gangster Disciples.

While serving his life sentence, Hoover was accused earlier this year of operating the Gangster Disciples from behind bars. According to the indictment, authorities alleged that the infamous crime boss appointed two men to top ranks within the gang. The men reportedly threatened to kill anyone who challenged their authority and ultimately killed a rival gang member on the South Side of Chicago in 2018. Despite the incident, Hoover maintained his innocence. His attorney, Justin Moore, pushed back against the federal judge for the accusations.

“It seems almost impossible that he would be able to communicate that to anyone if he were trying to,” Moore said at the time.

“This is a 70-year-old man in the twilight of his years who has serious medical complications and is seeking release to finally be with his wife, children, and grandchildren after nearly 50 years of separation,” he added. “To have his name continuously thrown into the affairs of others and to be used as a scapegoat for criminal activity he has no connection to needs to cease.”

Hoover has previously asked the courts to reduce his life sentence under the First Step Act, which allows people who have been convicted of crack-cocaine offenses to challenge their sentences, but the judge has not delivered an official ruling.


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