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One can only wonder if members of the Republican Party, which has essentially gone to war against Critical Race Theory, despite their abject inability to accurately define it, will have the same energy when it comes to a little thing I like to call “Critical White Theory.”

Actually, there’s nothing to wonder about there, because white conservatives have already shown their racism and hypocrisy by either ignoring or advocating for the decades-old “great replacement theory,” which generally revolves around white people’s paranoia that they’re being replaced by non-white immigrants and Black people, and also a theory that implies white people have an inherent right to be the dominant race in the Western world. (I’m starting to seriously suspect that a lot of white people are racist.)

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Anyway, there’s apparently now a homeschool curriculum being offered to Caucasian parents that includes a field of study titled “White Wellbeing”and, yes, it’s every bit as racist as it sounds.

According to the Daily Beast, a site called The School of the West recently launched an online “educational resource for homeschooling parents” who like their history whitewashed, their social studies caucasified and their politics purified in the waters of lake Minne-honky.

And in case y’all think I’m exaggerating about this being a blatant white supremacist curriculum, the course study, which is advertised for students as young as four, boasts that it will help children “understand the gift of being born a member of Westernkind and the qualities that separate us from the other races,” and then later clarified, as if anyone needed clarification, that “the White race is known as Westernkind.”

It also promises to teach them how to spot and respond to the ‘anti-white propaganda’ that supposedly suffuses modern life, why white people are the only true citizens of Western nations, and how ‘feminism destroys the family unit,’ the supposed backbone of all Westernkind, ‘thus weakening our societies,’” the Daily Beast reported.

Imagine that: The course study is touted as a fight against “anti-white propaganda” while also upholding white people as the rightful dominant race of the West, which is the literal concept of white supremacy, which is what white people refer to as “anti-white propaganda.”

So, I’m sure all of the anti-CRT advocates are hopping mad about this, right? After all, isn’t the main issue Republican politicians have cited (falsely) in regards to CRT that it teaches one race is inherently racist or that one race is superior to others? (I’m now starting to seriously suspect that anti-CRT folks are lying about being opposed to racial “divisiveness” and are actually opposed to anything that makes white people uncomfortable.)

Anyway, The School of the West was reportedly founded by a man who goes by Brant Danger, which is apparently just a creepy, pedophile-ish version of his real name, Brant Williams, according to Anti-Defamation League extremism researcher Mark Pitcavage. Until earlier this year, White Nationalist Stranger-Danger Williams (I feel like he’d take that moniker as a compliment) was a teacher for the Page Unified School District in Page, Arizona. A representative for the district told the Daily Beast that, despite the district’s knowledge of his “I heart whiteness and diversity hate” homeschooling project, Williams was allowed to leave on his own instead of being fired for being blatantly racist AF.


I think we all know the answer to that.


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