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At this point, It’s pretty clear that Tucker Carlson wakes up every morning after a long night of sexually frustrated wet dreams about sexy M&M cartoons and Cardi B’s WAP and he just lays in bed for a while thinking about all the ways he can play the race card while accusing Black people of playing the race card.

“Maybe there’s another white supremacist I can interview to prove Black people are the real racists?” Tucker likely thinks to himself before remembering, “Darnit, all my Klan-tacts are on my old phone. I really gotta get those transferred over to my iPhone Pro-White.”

Anyway, on Thursday, Carlson went on live air to share a theory with his viewers about why traffic accident deaths rose in 2020 and why Black people were disproportionately represented in those deaths. His insightful conclusion? He thinks police officers stopped pulling over Black drivers because they were afraid of being accused of racism.

“In the year 2020, the number of motorists who died on the road spiked dramatically,” Carlson explained, UPROXX reported. “Traffic deaths rose by more than 10 percent in a single year.”

“A staggering number of those who died were Black,” Carson continued. “Traffic deaths among African Americans rose by nearly 25 percent in a single year.”


Carlson, ever the good citizen, wanted to get to the bottom of why this was happening—mostly because he insists that “in a normal presidential administration,” this would be an urgent matter. But according to Carlson, the Biden administration is not a “normal” presidential administration, because Joe Biden doesn’t care. Neither does Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, because Carlson says Buttigieg already knows why these numbers are spiking: Racism.

“America’s roads are racist,” Carlson stated. “They’re killing Black people.”

Right—so, first of all, Carlson must be pulling the hell out of his hamstrings with all of these leaps of logic, because he appears to be blaming Joe Biden for a rise in traffic deaths that began during the Trump administration, which he’s apparently characterizing as “a normal presidential administration.” But it was his next leap that took him from the bottom of Mt. Caucasity to its very peak.

“It was in the last week of May in 2020 that a convicted felon named George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis and after that, you recall, everything changed,” Carlson said. “What changed most of all is how we regard the rule of law.” (Says the guy who referred to Capitol rioters as “gentle people waving American flags.”)

Carlson went on to quote some whiny law enforcement official who complained of “accelerated national discussion about equity in transportation” and “questions about enforcement,” and it was then that Carlson hit us with his big, smelly brain fart that should have stayed in the drafts of his brain butt.

“Cops across the country were told to stop enforcing traffic laws against Black drivers,” he said. “No one wanted to be accused of arresting somebody for the crime of ‘driving while Black.’ So in the name of equity, the law no longer applied to huge numbers of people. Result? Thousands of Americans died.”

OK, first of all, no one ever told cops to “stop enforcing traffic laws against Black drivers.” We told cops to stop profiling, harassing, using excessive force, and killing us without cause. If police officers took that to mean they should completely stop doing their jobs, that says more about what cops think their jobs are than it says about anti-police violence protests.

Secondly, never in the history of ever-dom have cops ever ceased stopping Black people just because Black people complained and protested against police racism. Tucker would have to be Black to understand that, but since he’s whiter than the whitest white whoever whited in the history of Whitelandia, he instead imagines a scenario where officers of the law are watching Black motorists endanger the general public by driving recklessly and doing nothing about it. And for that imaginary scenario of gross negligence, he blames Black people, not the police.

Lastly, Carlson knows he’s lying.

At some point during Carlson’s ridiculous rant, he quoted a Washington Post article reporting that “Black communities tend to be crisscrossed by more dangerous roads,” but he left out all of the context, because including it would have undermined his racist a** theory.

From the Post:

The reason for the spike in Black deaths is not noted in the federal report. But experts say that, just as the virus itself spread more readily through communities of color, the increase was probably a result of existing inequities being compounded.

Researchers have previously concluded that Black communities tend to be crisscrossed by more dangerous roads. During the pandemic, people of color were more likely to be employed in “essential” jobs without the option to stay home. And people driving faster amid lower traffic levels meant crashes were more likely to be deadly.

So, more Black people per capita died because more Black people per capita were on the roads because more Black people per capita worked essential jobs during the height of the pandemic.

You know, I’m not trying to make a huge leap in logic here—but maybe Tucker Carlson is just racist. 


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