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When Rush Limbaugh died, I rejoiced and made a lot of crude jokes, because I am a Black man and Rush was a racist. (Actually, he was an all-around sexist and bigot. All manner of marginalized people were electric sliding on top of that man’s grave.) When Don Imus died and I wrote up a report on his passing, I was not kind. Because I am a Black man and Don was a racist. The point is, all of that “respect for the dead” sh** goes out the window when terrible people kick the bucket—especially in the digital age.

So, Kevin Samuels is now confirmed dead.

Now, I’m not putting the misogynoir guru on the same level as Imus and Limbaugh, I’m just saying if you were to at least take the time to look at this man through the eyes of Black women, you might not think the comparison is that far off. Samuels dedicated his entire platform to his weird obsession with humbling women, particularly Black women. His whole shtick was based around tying the very value of women exclusively to their desirability to men. He told successful Black women that if they weren’t married they were not, in fact, successful. He told single women who had standards that their standards needed to be lowered lest they be doomed to a life of loneliness and low value. He told them that they might have to accept an unfaithful man, but they must remain faithful. This 56-year-old single man was archaic, arrogant, gleefully disrespectful, wilfully ignorant and mean—all under the guise of, “Hey, I’m just telling you the truth that you don’t want the hear.”

Samuels told women who were 35 and unmarried that they were “leftover” women, and just over a week later, his life left over his body.  Some people who die are going to get laughed at as much as they’ll be mourned. And sometimes the jokes simply write themselves.

Sh**—I almost forgot that this cringy negro in a clean suit also told women they need to put their husbands before their children EVEN IF SAID CHILDREN ACCUSED SAID HUSBANDS OF SEXUALLY INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR!! He told women that their children needed to be “assets” to score them a man. I want to ask, “Is this your King?” but, at this point, if he’s even your court jester you’ve ranked this fool too high.

So, now let’s talk about Samuel’s loyal followers. Let’s talk about his target audience—Black men who also have a strange obsession with humbling Black women and have bought into Kevin’s factless, pseudo-intellectual ridiculousness. 

It’s easy to be a fan of someone who isn’t denigrating you. The most offputting thing Samuels has ever said to men is that they need to get their sh** together, make decent money and be able to pay for dates. Now, these people (mostly Black men, but a few Black women too) are online wagging their fingers with their Hanes-for-hoteps all in a bunch over people, especially Black women, seemingly celebrating the death of the man who spent his life earning their ridicule.

This tragically lost negro is really out here pretending Black people have more smoke for Samuels than we do for George Zimmerman. (But one should expect Samuels fans to be bigger on false equivalencies and strawman arguments than they are on actual critical thinking.)

Anyway, as expected, people responded to the Sam-stan tears by appropriately dismissing them.

I really think these folk are being fake surprised at the response to Samuels’ death. The real surprise is that he died so suddenly after people were calling for him to be “canceled” and now they’re having to witness the celebration before they were ready. Even if you believe in karma, it doesn’t usually work so immediately.

But hey, life comes at you fast, I guess.


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