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Touré Roberts stopped by the Get Up! Church to talk about his new book, entitled “Balance: Positioning Yourself to Do All Things Well.” The founding Pastor of Potter’s House Los Angeles, the bestselling American author, speaker, producer, and influential leader is a man of many hats. Robert talks about ways to gain more structure to become a better you.




Erica Campell: Listen, this new book “Balance: Positioning Yourself to Do All Things Well,”  is available now wherever books are sold. This is a frequent question. What? What insight Do you have? What will we find in this book? Help us out?

Pastor Touré Roberts: Yeah, I think that most people struggle with balance because they think that balance is about giving pieces of themselves away to the things that matter the most. And they get frustrated. And some people feel like balance is a myth. How do I do that? And I understand that you can’t give a piece of yourself to Warren I can’t give a piece of myself to Sarah can’t give a piece of myself to my kids. So balance is about working the disciplines of becoming all of yourself becoming your best self and then giving your best self not dividing yourself to the things that matter the most.

Erica: Wow. Wow. The power of no talk about the power of No.

Pastor Roberts: Oh, no has become one of my favorite words. And I mean, I used to be Believe it or not, I used to be kind of a people pleaser. I wanted to, you know, you don’t know that. That’s you, but you want to make people feel good. You know you say you say yes. But the problem with saying yes. And not saying no. Is that when you say yes to something that’s a serious commitment. Yeah. You commit your time, your energy, your effort, and your availability.

And so the reason why no is important is that your yes is expensive. And although you have the instant gratification of saying yes, you know people you know like and you know conflict or whatever later on when something shows up that you prayed for you’ve been working hard for because you allowed a lesser yes to tie you up. Now. You can’t even say yes to yourself to your future to your calling. So you have to get used to it and be comfortable with no. Because yes, it’s expensive. And here’s another thing about No, no will qualify your relationships. Because sometimes your relationships only work because you always say yes, Erica. That’s the only reason why it works. So when you say no, you qualify, losing your life for the right reasons, if you can, if you can handle all of my yeses, but when I say no, because I’m trying to protect my purpose, and you’re mad at me. Maybe this relationship isn’t worthy of me.

GRIFF: Can you leave us with a word for someone who may need balance in their lives I’m a Libra and I need balance every day.

Pastor Roberts: I’m a Libra and I need balance every day. So I’m getting the book to absolutely what my word to anyone who is struggling to find balance is, first of all, balance does exist. However, you’re going to have to have the faith to stop. Many people think that stepping out into something is where the most faith is required. But the reality of it is that what I’ve seen in my own life is that it takes more faith to stop and believe that as you’re stopping and centering yourself and getting your life in order God will take care of the things that are why we keep going thinking and we can’t stop yes you can. If God instituted Sabbath rest, then you have the grace to stop and your world not fall apart. You’re going to you can get there you just have to be willing to stop.



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