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News of ATL hip-hop artist Trouble being murdered this past Sunday still has many shaken up, especially his friends, peers and loved ones.

Of course, someone else who would understandably be grieving at this time is his girlfriend. Only problem is, it’s been hard determining which of the many woman who’ve since come out to claim the title is actually his official girl.


It all stems from the fact that Trouble, born Mariel Semonte Orr, was killed by the ex-boyfriend of a woman whose bed he was in at the time of the murder. 33-year-old Jamichael Jones fessed up to committing the crime yesterday morning, and he’s currently facing felony murder, aggravated assault, and home invasion charges.

Keeping up with the relationship status of today’s rappers can be exhausting to say the least, and Trouble proved to be no different. Many suspected that he was in a relationship with criminal defense lawyer Nicole Moorman, some even labeling her as his wife. One look at her IG page though currently shows little to no presence of Trouble, however there are pictures of them together floating around the internet that suggest they were an item at some point.

Here’s a video from late 2020 of their alleged “baecation” together:


Then you have another woman under the IG handle @colamysoda, real name believed to be Quintana Davis, who posted an actual video montage of the two together lovingly embracing. It was accompanied by a long heartfelt caption that reads, “My heart is crushed. I lost a real friend. Over a decade of memories playing in my head as I write this. I am broken and I miss you already. You always made sure I was okay and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you when you needed me the most. I am hurting so much I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that I can never call you again, never hug you again or tell you how much I love you. I’m glade that I had you in my life but you were taken too soon and I don’t understand it. You were loved by so many people and we are all lost without you. He loved so hard, took care of and supported everyone that crossed his path. He was talented, kind, smart, generous and a real leader. He was tough but he had a sweet side to him that I’m thankful I got to know. My scorpion twin. I pray for his beautiful children, his family and his friends. I love you Mariel. I will miss you and think about you everyday my dearest friend. Rest In paradise. I love you forevea. eva.” [sic]

Yet another female hopped on social media to eulogize her “man” as well, even admitting that she isn’t mad he died while in the bed of another woman. “He was just at the wrong place, wrong time,” she wrote, continuing her IG Story tribute by adding, “I’ll never be mad at him for this, I’m just hurt he didn’t survive. The bond we had was one of a kind & i’ll cherish the memories forever. What we had most people wouldn’t understand & we never cared to explain. But anything worth havin at all is worth working for & waiting for & I promise it was worth the wait. The time we spent together was the best moments of my life.” [sic]


In addition to these three, there are unconfirmed reports from other women and, to be quite honest, we’re sure more will crawl out of the woodworks soon enough.


In short, Trouble’s issue with fidelity — or should be say lack thereof! – in no way takes away from how tragic his senseless murder is, nor should it be a reason to posthumously pass judgement on him. Continue to pray for his family, his children and, well, one or all of his wifeys.

Rest easy, pimpin’.




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