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BIG3 - Week Two

Rapper Kanye West (L) and BIG3 Co-Founder Ice Cube talk after a game between Killer 3’s and 3’s Company during the second week of the BIG3 at the Orleans Arena on July 17, 2021, in Las Vegas. | Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

While repeatedly doubling down on his self-described antisemitism, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West during his latest appearance on the controversial “Drink Champs” podcast, offered a glimpse of the source of his stated gripes with “the Jewish media” and doubled down on his hateful rhetoric.

Tucked neatly between spreading lies about George Floyd’s police murder and sexualizing Vice President Kamala Harris was the man who said he wants to simply be called “Ye” crediting a fellow rapper with inspiring his disparaging comments about Jewish people: Ice Cube.

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“Cube’s really set me up for this,” Ye said before addressing the Hollywood mogul directly: “You’ve really influenced me to get on this antisemite vibe.”

Ye went on to threaten: “I’m here to finish the job.”

In classic “Drink Champs” style, there were absolutely no follow-up questions from host Nore regarding Ye’s statements that at face value appeared to be deflecting blame for an ongoing series of antisemitic statements that the rapper and fashion designer has made in the wake of his “white lives matter” stunt at an event in Paris earlier this month.

And so it’s neither clear how exactly Ice Cube “influenced” Ye to be antisemitic nor what “job” he vowed to complete unless he means he’s just plain picking up the antisemitic mantle from the pioneering West Coast rapper.

To be sure, Ice Cube has definitely been accused of antisemitism over the decades for not only aligning himself with Nation Of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan since he went solo in 1991 but also over a string of social media posts leading up to the 2020 election – the same election Ye ran an unsuccessful campaign for president. That is to speak nothing of a damning allegation that Ice Cube had his entourage beat up a rabbi “for wearing a yarmulke,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

BIG3 - Week Two

BIG3 Co-Founder Ice Cube takes a phone call from Kanye West during a news conference after a game between Killer 3’s and 3’s Company during the second week of the BIG3 at the Orleans Arena on July 17, 2021, in Las Vegas. | Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Later in his “Drink Champs” interview, which was published on Sunday, Ye tried to tone down his antisemitic rhetoric while still managing to be completely antisemitic.

Admitting that his “death con 3” Twitter threat against Jews crossed a line, he tried to explain that was the only thing that made him antisemitic and characterized his overall stated sentiments as being born out of envy.

“I’m jealous of the Jewish people,” Ye said while lauding what he described as their ability to maintain a strong family structure while also generating financial security, apparently unaware that those are antisemitic tropes.

While still glaring, Ye’s admission of antisemitism was overshadowed by his comments that downplayed and lied about how George Floyd was killed.

Playing on the debunked conspiracy theory that Floyd died from fentanyl and not Derek Chauvin’s illegal knee restraint, Ye insisted, “if you look the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

Again, there was no pushback from Nore, and the REVOLT media network that airs “Drink Champs” and leaned on a disclaimer that distanced itself from “views or opinions expressed” on the podcast, which is intended “to provide a platform for creatives to express their personal views or opinions without restriction or censorship.”

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt later tweeted on Sunday that Floyd’s family was considering suing the rapper for proliferating hurtful lies involving death that drew comparisons to the case against Alex Jones in which a jury found him liable for nearly $1 billion over spreading lies about the Newtown school massacre.

Beyond the antisemitism and conspiracy theory about Floyd, Ye also made it clear that he intended to run for president in 2024 and suggested Vice President Kamala Harris was only elected because she is “very attractive.” Going a step further, Ye made sure to say he is “single” and suggested he would make her one of his girlfriends for whom he might buy a house before he mocked Harris’ voice and imagined scenarios in which they would meet up and he would purchase her a home.

Watch the full episode of Drink Champs below.


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