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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Learn To Grow Through The Tough Times







One that we all know is that the world has changed and with change comes choice. We can either wait for the world as we knew it to return or we can create a new world a new day, a new tomorrow. History has taught us that in times of great challenge and change those who come out the best with the best results of those who decided to not just go through the tough time but to grow through the tough time. Did you know that some of the biggest and greatest companies we know today came out of challenging times?

Uber, Airbnb, Disney FedEx, they all thought it in tough time because they went with the change. I know that these seem like impossible times to figure out but I want you to know that this is your time to grow your future. Don’t just go through these tough times grow through them.




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