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Pumpkin spice, crisp morning weather, and cute boots can only mean one thing, the autumn season is upon us. And just like we transition our wardrobe, it’s time to also transition our summer fragrance into our fall perfume scents.

“For fall, I always think about two things: I think about texture and I think about spice,” Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn Fragrances, told CNN. Perfumes that belong to the gourmand fragrances family are increasingly popular in the fall because they elicit a sense of coziness. Gourmand fragrances, such as vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon elicit a feeling of home, which makes sense with the holidays abroad and the start of the cuddle season. Woody, tobacco, cashmere, and leathery scents are also popular. Cozying up next to BAE is even better when you smell good. 

When it comes time to choose your fall perfume scent, there are a few things to consider. Because the fall brings cooler temperatures, you’ll need a “stronger scent,” Shapiro explained. “When it is colder, your fragrance doesn’t disperse as much.”

Our Favorite Fall Perfume Scents

Now that we know we need a strong scent with spices, here are some of team HB’s tried and true fall perfume scents. Happy spending!

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

“Fenty Eau de Parfum has become my favorite fragrance for the fall season. Its moody and rich aroma evokes a sense of sophistication and warmth that perfectly complements the cozy atmosphere of autumn. Its unique blend of notes provides a luxurious and confident fragrance that aligns perfectly with the rich and vibrant spirit of fall. It really gives rich flex and that’s my fall mood!” – Joce Blake

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YSL Libre

“YSL Libre is a light fragrance that is potent but doesn’t overpower the senses. It’s like elegance, simplicity, and opulence in a bottle.” – Samjah Iman

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‘Replica’ By The Fireplace

“I instantly fell in love with ‘Replica’ By The Fireplace by Maison Margiela. It’s become one of my signature scents and something to brag about when people ask me, “What are you wearing?” With top notes of pink pepper essence and clove oil, the heat comes through on this scent and settles into a spicy treat that evokes a homely feeling.” – Shamika Sanders

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Cherry Ambition

“The 7 Virtues just released their latest scent, Cherry Ambition. The light fruity fragrance fuses cherries and mandarin oranges with a warm vanilla undertone. Fruity perfumes usually have a summertime vibe, but Cherry Ambition has fluffy marshmallow feel that makes you want to pull out your favorite blazer and thigh-high boots. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your fall ensemble.” – Marsha Badger

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Good Girl

“Not only does Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl smell like bad b*tch vibes, the stilleto-shaped bottle is a display piece for your dresser. This is one perfume I keep all year round because it never disappoints. It melts into my skin and works well with my body chemistry. As someone with a sensitivity to scents, this is one I can wear all night without the migraine.” -Shamika Sanders

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No. 9

Bond No. 9’s distinguishable bottle will be a standout in your perfume collection. Bond No. 9 is introducing a new scent, New York Forever, soon to be released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Bond No. 9 brand. New York Forever has notes of cinnamon bark harvested in Sri Lanka, Indonesian Patchouli, and Oriental gourmand.

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“Genesis packs a lot of power. One spritz of this luxury perfume will go a long way in the winter. The base notes of sandalwood, tobacco, and saffron punch through for a long-lasting fall perfume scent that will turn heads upon arrival and long after you leave.” – Shamika Sanders


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