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Farmer Ben Hood Honey Micah Dixon interview

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Farmer Ben & Hood Honey Talk The POD & More On The Micah Dixon Show

A pair of entrepreneurs and true urban legends pulled up to The Micah Dixon Show to talk about the POD – otherwise known as the Prolific Oxygen Dome – and a whole lot more!

Farmer Ben and Hood Honey hope to aid in the ongoing care of mental health with their adventurous and scientific approach.

Aharon Ben-Keymah, otherwise known as Farmer Ben, settled on this out-of-the-box approach to assisting his community in 2015. After receiving court-ordered community service he decided the best way to serve his community was to develop a plan to help improve people’s mental health.

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The POD serves as a place where members can come to inhale and just be in the therapeutic conditions carefully and painstakingly crafted to increase their mood. A 2023 write-up on explains it perfectly.


Visitors can choose between various alternative therapy services. Yoga, sound therapy, reflexology, reiki, art therapy, and acupuncture classes are available.

Farmer Ben and Hood Honey stopped by The Micah Dixon show to speak about The Pod, the importance of beekeeping, sound healing, and much more! Check out the entire interview below.

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