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Her Story: Erica Campbell – Power and Purpose | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Her Story: Erica Campbell – Power and Purpose”

If we celebrate women’s History Month, I want to share the success lessons we can learn from the life of Erica Campbell. Erica is a gospel singer, television personality, and host of the Get Up Morning for Erica Campbell Radio show, where I appear every morning with her at 8:20 Eastern, 7:20 centural time.  

She was born in Inglewood, CA. Erica and her sister Tina created a duo called Mary Mary, which went on to win many awards including Grammy Awards, Stella Awards, Double Awards and many more. She went on to record a solo album that went on to also win a Grammy in her book more than pretty doing the soul work that uncovers your true beauty. 

Erica said, Pretty is wonderful, but make sure you’re pretty has some power and purpose to go with it so you can do real business. I love that. So today I encourage you to use your pretty or you’re handsome to make a difference and make sure you bring some power and purpose to the party. Erica, thank you for your example of excellence.  

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