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(Good Friday) – It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming! | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “(Good Friday) – It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!”

The day is Good Friday a day that looked like a time of defeat but ended up a time of victory Jesus was put up on trumped up charges convicted of those charges and sentenced to death he was crucified on a cross between 2 common thieves confirmed dead and laid in a borrowed grave it looked like he had lost it all. 

But it was just a setup for an incredible comeback he was buried on Friday but on Sunday everything changed he rolls with all power in his hand the lesson for you today is that you might be having a Friday experience today but know that Sunday is coming you may be facing situations that look impossible but don’t despair because Sunday is coming in spite of anything and everything that you’re going through today I want you to know that Sunday is coming. Sunday is coming, keep the faith because Sunday is coming. Celebrate and keep exclaiming that all will be well because Sunday is coming. 

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