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Tasha Cobbs Leonard Discusses New Book “Do It Anyway” and Overcoming Challenges

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Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard released a new book titled “Do It Anyway” and an accompanying  song with the same name.

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Tasha Cobbs expressed a mix of emotions about the book’s release. “It’s an amazing relief,” she said, “but I also feel fulfilled. You know, like once you carry something for so long, it’s almost like literally having a baby. Once you carry it for so long, it’s like, oh my goodness. I feel like there’s relief. I feel like I’ve released something that I really believe is gonna bless a lot of people.”

The interview took a heartwarming turn when Tasha Cobbs spoke about a chance encounter with her book. “I walked into a Target and saw my book on the shelves and with some other amazing authors,” she shared. “There are 2 fine books in South Carolina, y’all gotta find the Target,” she added with a laugh, “and I literally signed it. I think I think that will be a blessing.”


Tasha Cobbs also opened up about her blended family and the importance of prioritizing her children. “We had an opportunity in the book,” she said, “and I asked all of my children, I said, ‘Hey, are you guys comfortable with this?’” She went on to describe how her children, including her eldest daughter Alana, a recent graduate of Fayetteville State University, all embraced the project. “We came together and decided, ‘Hey, this is what we’re gonna do. We put our children first, and so we wanna make sure that they have the best parental experience that they can have.’”

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The title, “Do It Anyway,” serves as both the book’s title and a powerful message of resilience. Tasha Cobbs shared a deeply personal story about the inspiration behind the concept. “My dad was a down home country pastor who never left his church,” she said. “But on a Sunday, he decided I’m gonna go to the stellas and support my baby.” She recalled her father’s final words to her before he passed away: “‘Daddy’s not gonna be at the Grammys, but I want you to go anyway.’ He just kept saying that.” Cobbs Leonard went on to win a Grammy Award just days later, a testament to her perseverance in the face of grief.

Tasha Cobbs’s goal with “Do It Anyway” is to empower readers to overcome challenges and keep moving forward. “You can do it anyway,” she declared.

For more inspiration and updates from Tasha Cobbs, you can visit her website at, follow her Instagram account @TashaCobbsLeonard, and also visit her church, “The Purpose Place,” situated in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


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