Homeless woman killed in front of church


Members of an Atlanta church have offered a reward to help police there find the killer of a homeless woman. Jeanette Smith was known to sleep outside West End Church of Christ on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard for the past three years.

Last week Smith, 66, was found shot to death right in front of the church.

“We felt like we need to step up and do something in this community and see if we can bring some resolve to this case,” said church elder Floyd Williams.

Right after her murder, Smith was considered a “Jane Doe” because police didn’t know her identity.

But church members did. They knew her name and her birth date. One even had her social security number. To them, she was a friend they wanted to help.

The church is offering a $1,000 reward for information in the case. So far, police have made no arrests.

Article courtesy of: Eurweb.com

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