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“SHIELD Life” Campaign

After the Imperial Street candlelight vigil, the Radio One Cleveland Family and Community Partners follow up to say “NO MORE are we victims. We are equipped, and yes WE are accountable for our community!” Radio-One Cleveland, and community partners come together to organize “S.H.I.E.L.D Life” which stands for “Self Help Initiative: Every Lady Deserves Life.” The Campaign encourages the Women of Cleveland to take new a OUTLOOK on life, with a PROCLAMATION of strength and courage to equip themselves with the ARMOR needed for their own safety.

On Saturday, January 16th at Zelma George Recreation Center (3155 MLK Blvd) “SHIELD Life” classes will be offered, and all women in Cleveland are invited to participate in a FREE day of martial arts /self defense. In addition, Grief Counseling and physical screenings will be available on site. Registration begins at 9:30am and classes until 3pm will cover:

– How to protect yourself with your natural weapons when being attacked

– Identifying targets and how to hit properly

– How to keep from panicking and more

The “Shield Life” self defense classes being offered are specifically to empower women against sexual assault and to teach women “what to do” when being attacked. This class is being offered as a mean of self protection only.

Those interested in attending may RSVP by email at or by phone 216-579-1111 ext #432.

The following Instructors will support the Women’s Self Defense Clinic on January 16, 2010

Seminar Instructors

Sifu Peter Whitt (H.M.)

3N Martial Arts

8019 Cedar Avenue

Cleveland Ohio

216-577-1906 cell

Leaston Chase, IV, Soke Dai

Oshirokan Karate

Michael J. Zone Recreation Center

Cleveland Ohio

216-381-8395 home

E. Samuel Nieves Renshi

Oshirokan Karate

Michael J. Zone Recreation Center

Cleveland Ohio


Roney Hines Grand Master

Black Karate Federation (Kenpo)

Glenville Recreation Center

Cleveland Ohio

216-240-3650 cell

Sifu Joseph Golden

The Golden School

of Urban Self Defense

2610 E 124th

Cleveland Ohio 44120

216-322-7489 cell

216-862-4164 home

Sigung Ray Anderson Sr.

Anderson Martial Arts/ Ohio Kajukenbo

1407 East Avenue

Elyria Ohio

440-315-0696 cell

Sifu Mike Kisielewski

Anderson/Ohio Kajukenbo

Marcia Tirada Kali

1407 East Avenue

Elyria Ohio

Sifu Eric Bradford

Everlasting Baptist Church

579 Eddy Road

Cleveland Ohio 44108

216-401-9815 cell

216-883-8101 home

Sifu Peter Whitt’s formal martial arts training began at the age of 10 studying Okinawan Karate and Kung Fu. His formal training resumed as a young adult in this Indonesian/Chinese system under the direction of Senior Master Greg Mayo (Northern Wind Martial Arts School). During that time, Sifu Whitt was privileged to learn from several Instructors, especially Master Abraham Sullivan, Jr.

Sifu Whitt continued his training under the instruction of Master Brown with the blessing of Senior Master Mayo. Sifu Whitt was granted the distinguished honor of Golden Boy by Master Aaron Brown. Under the guidance of Master Aaron Brown and testing of Senior Master Reginald McKissick, he earned his initial advanced rank for the instructor level. Sifu Whitt was granted the privilege to train under Grand Master Arthur Sikes with the blessing of Master Aaron Brown.

Sifu Whitt continues to train and has received advanced certified ranking and a unique perspective of the science and purpose of this Indonesian/Chinese Martial Arts System. Sifu Whitt was promoted to 3rd Degree Orange Sash (Honorary Master) in 2009. Sifu Whitt has been able to share his understanding of this Martial Arts system with many students. In 2001, this expanded when he established 3N Society of Enlightenment, LLC. (3N S.O.E.). 3N S.O.E. continues to be a vehicle for reaching people through martial science encouraging personal growth and wellness. His experience ranges from teaching children and adults” traditional classes, weapons and empty hand forms, self defense seminars to meditative fitness for seniors. He teaches self defense at Cuyahoga Community College . Sifu Whitt continues his quest for growth and understanding. He is a certified ranked Instructor under North America Self Defense Association (N.A.S.D.A.).

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