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Republicans cannot stand when people call them “racist” or being “bigoted,” but as long as people like Cong. Steve King of Iowa are in their party, it will continue. This week, we saw Cong. King stand on the floor of the House of Representatives and talk about a very, very, very urban Sen. Barack Obama sponsoring a bill to provide relief for Black farmers. He even tried to say, well, he was running for President. He then went on to claim that slavery reparations is the reason behind the settlement to Black farmers. Not discrimination. Not clear, concise, documented discrimination, as you heard on this show earlier; but, no, he calls it “reparations.”

We are sick and tired of people like Cong. Steve King who want to play the race card for their own benefit. People say, “Oh, no. He’s not bigoted. He’s not a racist.” Roland Martin says, “Cong. King, stop using racial language, and we will not call you a bigot.”


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