He threw a single punch at Derrion Albert.

But that punch in the midst of an attack by an angry mob that would kick, punch, stomp and slam Albert over the head with a board before he was dragged away and rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead was enough to convince a jury to convict a 15-year-old boy of first-degree murder.

After a little more than a half hour, the jury came back Wednesday with the verdict that sent the teen sprawling back into his chair and an aunt rushing from the courtroom screaming “Oh lord, oh Lord.”

It was a stunningly quick end to the latest chapter of a story that began in September 2009 when hours after the 16-year-old honor student died video taken of the brawl on the city’s South Side was shown around the nation and beyond.

The teen was the first of five suspects to stand trial in the slaying of Albert, a Fenger High School student.

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