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In the book, Kirk reveals how he turned negative aspects from his own life—drugs, an absent father, teenage parenthood, poverty, etc.—into blessings by learning from them and moving forward. He talks about how people often go through life without a plan for success, simply living purposelessly. The Blueprint can fill that void and equip people with the tools necessary for success.

I’m actually quite eager to read it. I’m always super proud of Kirk for being an incredibly gifted artist who exhibits integrity, humility and transparency. Those traits shouldn’t be a rarity among gospel artists, but let’s be real– sometimes, they are. So, major kudos to Kirk for being lovingly honest with supporters and always “keepin’ it 100″ (wowww… points to whoever knows what TV show I’ve been watching to pick up that phrase).

Okay folks… mark your calendars for May 18, 2010… that’s when you can grab your copy. The book will be published by Gotham Books (a division of Penguin Group) and has set retail price of just $25.

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