*Deitrick Haddon is back at it again with an album that is certain to catch your attention, “Church on the Moon.” What’s that all about, you might be wondering. Well, the Gospel singer is sharing his vision of the future of the church and the world with his audience.

“The idea dropped on me out of nowhere and, when something hits your spirit like that, you know it’s a gift from God,” says Haddon.  “There are moments when God will give you stuff that is out of this world, and that’s what “Church On The Moonmeans to me. There’s so much sadness and craziness going on down here on Earth, I want to take you somewhere else for a while. CHURCH ON THE MOON is Gospel music from another perspective – a record that takes you on a journey. When the last song has played, you will feel far above any problems that were weighing you down.”

On the project, fans can expect some great collaborations with Tye Tribbet, J Moss, and Canton Jones.

The album will be officially released on Jan. 25 .

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