A 15-year-old girl said her 10-year-old brother and mother were arguing about household chores just before the shooting.

Shawna McVay and the boy’s brother Joshua Mike spoke with “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

“I heard a shot and then my mother looked at me and fell to the ground,” Shawna said.

Shawna said 46-year-old Deborah McVay asked her son to bring in some firewood when she said he became irrate.

Shawna said that’s when her brother pointed the gun at her. She said she begged for her life, and instead, her brother ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911 for help.

Mike said he believes his brother didn’t intend to kill his mother.

Police found six guns in the 10-year-old’s room, including a loaded riffle and a 12-gauge shotgun.

The boy appeared in Holmes County Juvenile Court on Monday.

According to new reports, the boy had recently been displaying some behavioral problems.

Family members said the boy tried to hit his school principal with a dustpan and even had an altercation with a school bus driver.

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