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First, the Radiance Foundation caused a media tsunami by referring to African-American children as “an endangered species,” and now a Texas-based organization is joining in the fray.

Heroic Media, an Austin based pro-life organization founded by heavy Republican contributor Brian Follet and supported by TLC reality star Sarah Palin, is attempting to saturate billboards from Jacksonville, Fla., to Austin, Texas, with an insulting message that blatantly labels black women menaces to society:

“The most dangerous place for African-American children is the womb.”According to Heroic Media, the purpose of the billboard is to draw attention to the disproportionate targeting of Planned Parenthood in minority communities:

“The overwhelming majority of abortion facilities are in minority neighborhoods. We think they need to know that,” said Kim Speirs, Heroic Media’s director of communications.

Marissa Gabrysch, a representative from Heroic, elaborated with even more unsettling statistics:

“While African Americans make up 13 percent of the population in America, they represent 36 percent of the abortions in the United States. In the African-American community, twice as many deaths have occurred due to abortions than the combined totals of violent crime, cancer, heart disease and AIDS.”

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion.

On, Michael Novak calculates that “since the number of current living blacks (in the United States) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America’s black community would now number 52-million persons. It would be 36 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member.”

During the painful days of slavery, African-American women were considered the epitome of motherhood. We kept our children clothed, fed and as educated as possible. Black African women stolen from the very womb of humanity’s motherland to birth a nation were forced to breed with slaveowners and breastfeed their wives children while still being beaten and worked from dusk to dawn. With all the atrocities foisted upon our broad shoulders, we never faltered in our willingness to not only die for our children, but to live for them as well.

And we still don’t.

It is egregious to suggest that our wombs are the most dangerous place for our children. It is better to be honest and create a billboard that states:

“Due to educational disparities, entrenched racism, career bias, sub-par housing conditions, the systematic decimation of the black Family and Planned Parenthood’s historical purpose to exterminate our communities, not only are unborn black children in danger, so are their parents.”

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