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Ted Williams has been reunited with his mother.

The homeless-man-turned celebrity met with his mom, Julia, for the first time in about 20 years, embracing in a conference room of a New York City hotel Thursday afternoon.

When they first saw each other, the Columbus Dispatch reported that he ran to her, saying, “Mama, Mama.”

Ted arrived in New York Wednesday night as part of a national media tour, but he had yet to see his mom, who lives in Brooklyn, until Thursday.

The two had hardly talked in recent years, as Ted had cut his mother out of his life during his battles with drug addiction and legal problems. When Julia first learned of her son’s newfound fame, she was skeptical that he had actually turned his life in the right direction.

But on Thursday, she said that her prayers had finally been answered.

“I prayed that I would live to see this time when he would do well.” Julia said during an interview with the CBS Early Show.

On Ted’s trip to New York, the job offers and national interview requests have continued to pour in, as he has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Early Show and Inside Edition.

He also said that he has been offered a job from Kraft Cheese to become the voice of the company.

Earlier in the week, Williams said he planned to take a job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, which includes a home. The Cavs have not talked with Williams since making the offer on Thursday.

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