The homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, is reunited with his mother, Julia Williams, 90, in New York Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011. Williams, who was living in a tent near a highway in Columbus, Ohio, just days ago, became an online video sensation when the Columbus Dispatch posted a video of him speaking in his deep baritone voice on its website this week. Now his velvety radio voice and touching story has prompted an outpouring of sympathy and job offers from across the country. (AP Photo/Columbus Dispatch, Doral Chenoweth III)

(CNN) It’s the urban drama most of us have been forced to play. A panhandler stands outside your car window, invoking God and asking for help. What do you do?

For many, the answer is nothing, Keep the windows rolled up and drive straight ahead. Homeless people pleading for help are now so numerous that they’ve become what one pastor called “visual white noise” in our contemporary landscape.

Five weeks ago, though, Doral Chenoweth III, made another decision. He stopped for Ted Williams, a man we now know as “the homeless guy with the golden voice.”

We know what’s happened to Williams:  overnight fame,  job offers. But what about Chenoweth? What made him stop for Williams? It turns out Chenoweth has a story of his own, and it’s rooted in his faith.

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