The story of an Australian couple who aborted twin boys because they want to use IVF to ensure they have a daughter is attracting a lot of attention, especially among pro-lifers, and understandably so since the case seems to foreshadow an ethics-free future of eugenics.

But the couple, who want a girl to replace the infant daughter they recently lost, is so far still barred by Australian law from pursuing their quest for a female baby. The state of Victoria, where the unnamed couple lives, does not allow sex selection using IVF unless it is done to avoid the risk of the baby’s inheriting a genetic abnormality or disease.

An independent group, known as the Patient Review Panel, recently rejected the couple’s bid, so they are taking their case to the next level, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which is to hear their arguments in March.
“After what we have been through we are due for a bit of luck. We want to be given the opportunity to have a girl,” said the man. The couple already have three sons.
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SOURCE: Politics Daily

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