The beat-up cardboard sign and faded camouflage jacket were immediately connected with man whose voice turned him into an overnight national celebrity.

Ted Williams’ sign, which read, “I have a God given gift of voice,” caught the eye of a Columbus Dispatch photographer and led to the video that created his newfound stardom.

Even after Williams cleaned up his look with a fresh haircut and some new sweaters, the camo coat and cardboard sign resonated with the millions who watched that original video.

Now, that sign and jacket will be up for grabs, according to a report from

The website is reporting that Williams is going to auction off the sign and jacket, with the proceeds going to the “Ted Williams Second Chance Foundation.” The foundation was created to help people who need “a hand up and not a hand out.”

No indication was given as to when the items will go up for auction.

The Columbus Dispatch also ran a story on Friday, detailing how the once lucrative job offers for Williams have trailed off in recent weeks. In the story, it said that Williams has reportedly been spending time in Los Angeles since pre-maturely leaving a rehabilitation facility in Texas.

Williams’ manager, Al Battle, said that Williams will hold a press conference on Monday to update people on his status. But according to the Dispatch, Battle has been promising a press conference for several days, and it has yet to happen.

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