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As young women we often equate living God-filled lives with living boring mundane invisible. Mary  Mary is anything but boring or mundane. Brought To You By

On a snowy cold afternoon they came  to our offices to talk, life, honesty  and play some music from their upcoming album “Something Big”. The album and this time in their lives  has shown to be  a season of change and acceptance for something big about to happen for the music industry and people.

“If you just listen to our music. It speaks from where we are honestly.” Erica laughed. “I can’t do it any other way okay.”

The ladies have  received acclaim from fans and critics alike since debuting with 2000’s Thankful. Each subsequent record has topped Billboard’s top Gospel and Christ charts while also placing near the top of the R&B chart. Something Big,  is promising to be something bigger for  Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell  as they continue to bring forth infectious faith-based tunes.


Their debut in 2000 with the crossover hit “Shackles” launched them to the stratosphere. They released their debut album “Thankful” the same year. Since then they released 3 more regular albums “Incredible” (2002), “Mary Mary” (2005), “The Sound” (2008) and a Christmas album “A Mary Mary Christmas” (2006).The new album “Something Big” hits the world on March 29, 2010.

The official tracklisting for “Something Big”

Something Big Official Tracklisting:

1. Something Big

2. Something Bigger

3. Blind

4. It Is Well

5. Never Wave My Flag

6. Walking ( first single)

7. Slow Walk

8. Survive

9. Are You Ready

10. Catch Me

11. Sitting With Me

12. Homecoming Glory

Mary Mary represents artists  living a Faith Filled life to the fullest with honesty and creativity that inspires you to do your best. It is often hard to think about what it entails to be good shepherds of faith in a world that strengthens anything and and shapes everything else.

More poignantly they have been true to creating music without feeling like they can only do  one  type.

“We always get you ‘can’t be doing that type of music or looking like that. I always laugh because really you need to get to that point where you are being true and understand that truth.”  says Erica.

The ladies are forthcoming and honest. Tina reminded me that there is always a higher calling when  asked about being Christian in the music business.

” We know the business aspect of it.  But we asked God, “what do you want us to give the world? We didn’t sit there thinking that. ‘Oh we need to do this type of song or that type of song. We wrote songs. We created music. Music that is honest”

They’re constant mantra of  “Don’t   be anybody else, be U! Thats who GOD made you to be.” was heard through each track  that was played during the listening session. If you are needing a moment to be inspired pick up the book, “Be U” here.

The single  “Walking” is on Itunes now.

“We don’t want to limit ourselves to just singing,” Tina says. “All the gifts and all the talents and all the great entrepreneurial ideas that God has given us, we want to use them.”

Brought To You By

What are you waiting for? Get Walking!

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