First Lady Michelle Obama said the anti-obesity Let’s Move initiative she launched a year ago is helping to provide healthy food and more information about the meals parents are giving their children.

At the same time, the initiative has recruited role model athletes and 500 mayors across the country have committed to tackling the youth obesity epidemic by building bike paths and starting youth recreation leagues.

“It wasn’t clear that we would get the kind of momentum that we are seeing over the course of the year. This issue is so big, it’s so complicated. Often times our team asked ourselves: Is the country really ready? Are people going to step up in important ways? Are we going to be able to engage every sector” Obama said in a telephone press conference.

“But I’m proud and hopeful to say the answer has been a resounding yes. We are starting to see a fundamental shift in the conversation about how we eat, how we move and how we grow and get our food. We have seen what many called a hopeless scenario turned into hope with real solutions and some very good momentum.”

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