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For those who tuned in to Fantasia’s reality show last season, one of her main goals was to produce an album that would finally win a Grammy. After being nominated 11 times in the past, Sunday was Fantasia’s “Moment For Life” as she won the “Best Female Vocal Performance” award for her single Bittersweet…however, Fantasia was nowhere to be found. Instead, she opted to stay home and boycott the show because she wasn’t invited to do the Aretha Franklin Tribute.

Yesterday, she called up to BET’s 106 and Park and revealed to Rocsi and Terrence that she felt some kind of way about the Awards Show:

I’m going to be very honest with you. You know I wasnt at the Grammys last night, I’m kind of going through my own little thing…last night they were honoring someone who is my idol, Aretha Franklin, and there is no way I could have sat there and not got the happy feet and wanting to jump on the mic because she is my favorite so I felt like, you know, at the end of the day I should have been on that stage so, I kind of did my own little thing last night.

I watched Cee-lo’s performance, I love Cee lo, love Gaga, watched Gaga, and I love Rihannas performance, but I kind of cooked and did my own think last night and was in my own world and was hoping that I won. I have this feeling, like every year I go, I feel like they always look over some of the good singers that are still around and I’m not trying to be funny but thats just the way I felt, so I didnt go into it like I usually do, I wan’t there, so you know I caught some performances, Cee Lo was one of my favorites I love Love love .

When asked what her reaction was when she found out she won, she responded:

Actually I scared my daughter because I just bust out and started crying, and she thought something was wrong with me. You know it’s been a long time coming T, you know at the end of the day its been a long time coming for me and I have been through a lot of things so when Brian called me (my manager accepted the award for me), I just bust out started crying because I felt like eh man, I wasn’t gonna stop until I got one and I’m still not going to stop and you know this has just given me motivation to do my own thing so I just started crying and just thanking God that finally, eleven times nominated, finally I got one.

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