She left a career in what is arguably one of the most stressful occupations on the planet for a life that is the polar opposite.

When Nancy Williams abandoned long hours at a desk for long hours of meditation, she knew exactly what she was getting into—after all, she’d seen it all before.

Williams was an air traffic controller, so she had a clear understanding of working under pressure. If she were to make a poor work decision, lives would be at stake. The pressure of the job takes its toll on most people brave enough to dare it, and after 18 years, the stress began to take a physical effect on her.

“My health began to change,” Williams recalls. She’d always been a health-conscious person, but wellness became her escape. “I would study holistic healing while on the job. It kept me peaceful and serene,” she adds.

It was Williams’ diagnoses with PLEVA, a rare skin condition, that became the deciding factor in her destiny. The disease, which covers its victims with non-contagious, chicken pox-like lesions, required her to take scores of medicines over the course of the two years she was afflicted. Though the medicines were extensive—and expensive—none of the prescriptions seemed to actually affect the condition.

The Whole Person

As her health continued to decline, her job became unworkable, and she left air traffic controlling. She used what she’d been learning about holistic healing and removed all toxins from her home. She changed the way she ate and studied all she could about the body. Finally she noticed improvements in her condition that she hadn’t experienced before.

First Fruit Natural Healing Home

But where do you go when you leave the only job you’ve known for nearly 20 years? For Williams, there was never a question. “I saw it during prayer and meditation. I knew what I was supposed to do, and I knew exactly how big this thing could be,” she remembers. This thing turned out to be a dream come true. Two years ago, she opened First Fruit Natural Healing Home.

The wellness center sits on five acres in Lithonia, Georgia, and houses seven holistic healers, including an obstetrician/gynecologist, a psychotherapist a nutritionist and more. Williams is a certified natural health professional (CNHP) who believes that people do not have to live with disease. She teaches that there are natural remedies for just about anything that ails people. More than that, however, she teaches that people have to be responsible for their own health. “Whatever people believe is right and true, they have to be accountable for what goes on with their bodies,” she adds adamantly.

Williams notes that physical symptoms are not always the result of a physical problem. Sometimes anxiety can manifest itself in a person. One person could experience a racing heart. Another could see her hair start to fall out—there are lots of physical expressions of internal issues. According to Williams, that’s why it’s so important to treat the whole person. That’s what her center is all about.

Planting a Seed

When you enter First Fruit, your senses are wrapped up in soothing, inviting colors, calming scents and kind words. “Peace and love.” That’s how Williams greets you. It’s also how she says goodbye, but it’s more than just a habit. It’s a deliberate means of planting seeds in those people she comes across. “I try to speak to a person’s soul,” she reveals. She wants people to feel better when they leave the center than they did when they arrived.

Introducing a new age of people to age-old remedies has been easier than Williams expected. Her clients are all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds. She understands that not all people will be receptive to what she has to offer, but she meets people at their level of skepticism and counters with suggestions for small changes, rather than mandates for radical life overhaul. That may have a lot to do with the fact that Williams sees herself as a community servant. For her, it’s not about the money. “I’ve seen the future of First Fruit, and I know that there will eventually be several more locations.” She believes there should be just as many wellness centers in the world as there are hospitals.

Her concern for the health of the human race as a whole is proof that Williams is living up to her goal of providing the highest quality of service to clients and offering treatment that promotes balance, wellness and a renewed quality of life. If she accomplishes even half of what she’s planning to do for the wellness community, then she will have helped hundreds—maybe thousands—of people to find their own sense of inner peace and love.

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