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1. For a first date, the goal is to get to know each other a little. Design the date so you’ll be able to focus on each other. The environment should make it easy to have a conversation. Avoid going to a movie or a loud concert, because that’s a social blockade.

2. Don’t hide behind an event. Make the environment a backdrop, not the focus. Put your personality out there without distractions. Dramatic first dates are a cop-out. The event takes the focus off the people. Thankfully, the economy has neutralized your ability to hide behind your wallet. You have to go back to basics: effort and charm.

3. Always schedule the first date for the daytime. The nighttime has a lot of romantic connotations, and you feel almost forced to be sexy and cool. But going out during the daytime is more relaxed

article courtesy of TheYolandaAdamsMorningShow.com/Minister Anthony Valery

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