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When in trouble or in need of a distinctive voice or support, celebrities and individuals who are unjustly wronged call on the Rev. Al Sharpton. The preacher, activist, and radio host( just a few of his titles ) recently shared his daily routine, new fitness regimen, his inspiration and more with the New York Times.

Here’s just a few things he shared:

BREAK THE FAST, BARELY My breakfast is two boiled eggs and an orange juice. That’s it. I’m down to 177 pounds, but I’ve been up as high as 311. Two years ago, I was between 238 and 240. But I don’t even have an appetite anymore. I just feel better. Doc says I’m fine.

REVVING UP My building has an exercise room, so I’ll do the treadmill about 30 minutes, maybe a little weights, but not crazy — then come back up, go on the Net, read the daily papers. By 8, I’m showered and ready to head downtown.

INSPIRATION I recite two poems, always, every day. When I was doing 90 days in jail in 2001, former Mayor Maynard Jackson visited me, and he told me he read Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s “Will” every day — that’s how he became the first black mayor of Atlanta. It’s very inspiring. It talks about how, no matter what, if you have strong will, you can make it. And I recite “Invictus,” which is similar in theme: I’m the captain of my fate, the master of my destiny.

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