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A prayer for financial security is something each of us  need to say from time to time. As we head to the end of another quarter with the raising of oil prices doubts of job security creep in.  We must trust that we are not the worth of our financial gain. Sometimes we are called to do something totally different.

In the last few years the world economy has been crumbling, falling apart and many nations have been affected, some, countries have filed for bankruptcy, while others have seen massive multinational corporations fold over night.

I by this decree do say that I am free of financial insecurity, people, places, play, work, lies, secrets, disabilities, pain, confusion, worry, weakness of body, mind & spirit and eternal death. Please help me to not place my worth in the financial things of this world but in the truth of who you made me to be Amen.

We watch the news, and count the numbers of people affected, and then hear from a close friend they have been terminated because the company closed down literally overnight.

For many Christians, being unemployed is embarrassing. Suddenly, we find ourselves without a job. We are, perhaps without success, seeking employment

If you, or someone you know finds themselves in this difficult and unfortunate situation right now, be encouraged, and remember that no matter how awful a time you are having trying to be gainfully employed, and feel that you are knocking on all the wrong doors, always remember that you are never alone, and that the journey you are on, is the same journey someone else is taking, most often than not, alone, and without the Lord.

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